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How long will one of your lighters last?

The lifespan of the lighter varies according to the habits of the user. Some apply a very light pressure when striking, others push very hard. Those who push harder on the flint/file combination will experience a shorter life. However, even a SHURLITE flat file lighter is capable of at least a few thousand ignitions. A SHURLITE round file or three flint lighter will produce at least 20,000 ignitions. Regardless of the lighter type, the flint tip will need to be replaced when it is worn down.

What causes lighters to fail?

Most lighters fail when the teeth on the file have been worn down. A round file lighter will last much longer than a flat file lighter because there is so much more file surface available. Some poorly made lighters have files which wear out after only a few ignitions. Some competitive lighters are also manufactured with a lower quality steel which can result in the lighter eventually losing its springiness.

What is flint?

Flint is an alloy of Iron and certain Rare Earth Minerals.

My flint is getting powdery. Why is that?

Flint is sensitive to moisture. When exposed to liquids or a very humid environment flint will eventually turn to a powder. Before this happens the flint (or the lighter) should be replaced. The powdered flint is itself flammable.

Are spark lighters safe?

Spark lighters are the safest way to ignite any flammable gas. The spark produced by the lighter is not hot enough to light anything except materials with a very low ignition temperature, such as flammable gases. In addition , the lighter itself contains no flammable materials. Lighting a torch with a cigarette lighter is extremely dangerous.

Why are piezo or electric lighters no good for welders?

Any piezo crystal based, or other electric lighter will experience failure after only a few ignitions when lighting acetylene. Acetylene produces a carbon soot when ignited. That carbon soot will coat the electrodes of any electric or piezo lighter. The carbon soot is a much better conductor than the air gap, so once the lighter becomes exposed to the carbon soot, the electricity will go through the carbon rather than through the air gap and no spark will be produced.

Will a spark lighter ignite paper?

No. The spark temperature of a spark lighter is lower than the ignition point of paper.

Will you ship overseas?

Yes. We will ship anywhere except to those countries prohibited by the US government. In the last few years we have made direct shipments to over 40 countries on every continent but Antarctica.

My lighter has a part number not listed on your site. I need a replacement flint. What should I get?

You can visit our ‘Products’ page, find the lighter that looks like yours and order the suggested flint replacement. Alternatively you could email or call us and we will attempt to cross reference your lighter’s part number. We have made millions of lighters for OEMs and resellers under their part numbers rather than our own. Chances are we can tell you what flint to buy.

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