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Address: 1 Shurlite Drive Lawrencberg, IN 47025

Product Guarantee

All SHURLITE lighters are guaranteed to produce a vigorous spark the first time and every time throughout the normal lifespan of the lighter.

All SHURLITE lighters are further guaranteed to be properly assembled with the flint correctly positioned on the file and guaranteed not to spring open except when subject to extreme shock.

All SHURLITE lighters are guaranteed to be manufactured from the highest quality materials.

All SHURLITE flints are guaranteed not to loosen and fall out of their holders.

All SHURLITE flints are treated to resist moisture degradation and have a guaranteed shelf life of one year except when exposed to liquids or kept in an extremely humid environment.

Any SHURLITE product which fails prematurely may be returned for replacement free of all charges.. Products will not be replaced if mishandled, subject to extremely humid or high moisture conditions, or if the products have failed outside the normal usage lifespan of the product.

For information on our return policy please visit our returns page.

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